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Course Curriculums

On-site Instruction


Class A & B Seminars-

Intro to Class A Foam - 8 Hours

Theories, basic generation and application methods, and an overview of tactical uses all are presented and reinforced with graphic demonstrations in a class room setting.

Option A available


Class A Foam Seminar - 20 hours

Comprehensive course that guides the student through all aspects of foam production and use.  Up to date information on state of the art proportioning and application equipment as well as innovative alternatives  Special emphasis on CAFS and/or aspirated systems tailored to your specific needs.  Class A&B comparisons and product information.  Extensive use of demos and student activities.

Option A and B available


Advanced Class A Foam Seminar - 24 hours

Takes your personnel from basic batching of wetting products through electronic direct injection and beyond to specialty retardants.  Ground and aerial tactical application.  Introduces and clarifies Class B foam use and offers viable alternatives.  Extensive demos, individual and group activities.

Options A, B and C available


Class A Foam Tactics– 8 Hours

Suggested tactics and methods for foam use.  Emphasis can be on wildland, vehicle fires, or interior and exterior structural fire attacks.  Table top exercises are included. 

Option C available


Compressed Air Foam Systems – 8 hours

This in depth course covers the components and theory of operation of all currently produced CAF systems.  Systems are compared and contrasted.  Routine maintenance, calibrations and troubleshooting are discussed and practiced on a CAF system


Custom Class Curriculum

Any of the above may be combined or edited to fit your specific needs and equipment



Option A - Demonstration on vehicle exterior live fire by instructors

Option B - Hands on foam production and application by students.

Option C - Student foam application in interior/exterior live fire environment. (governed by local jurisdiction and NFPA guidelines)


Call for scheduling and pricing information.  Custom tailored classes available to fit your needs.     (928) 853-4310  or  (928) 526-4628



Compressed Air Foam-

Theory through live fire.  A variety of customized courses tailored to meet the foam needs of your agency. Certified Fire Service instructors with 50 years combined experience in emergency services delivery, professional teaching and adult education. Equipment and application specific consultations on site and in conjunction with apparatus manufacturers to customize your new and retrofit equipment. Specialized instruction in all aspects of Compressed Air Foam Systems and uses in structural, interface and wildland environments



 Some comments from our attendees:


“I take a class a month on average, this was the best class in 5 years hands down”


“great class-good info-excellent training”


“instructors made it easy to learn.......the class was tailored to everyone's needs”


“well organized presentation of subject matter made understandable”


“I thought I knew about foam, but the instructors blew me away with all I didn’t know.”


“I’d like you to know that you will be receiving a dynamic program that will change the way your department does business after you have been a part of this hands on oriented class.”      

Don Howard, Chief, Summit FD., Chairman of the Ariz. State Fire Training Committee

A complete user list is available on request



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